Handbags With Common Sense

- Mar 25, 2018-

1. "The same color" collocation method: Bags and clothes are paired with deep and shallow shades of the same color system, which can create a very elegant feeling, such as: dark brown suit + camel bag.

2. "Contrast color" with the law: bags and clothes can also be a strong contrasting color, which will be a very eye-catching collocation. For example: black suit + red belt + red bag + black high heels.

3. Neutral color + +1 embellishment color "with collocation: that is, neutral color clothing with embellishment color bags, so with you will be very good, such as: camel dress + sky blue bag + camel high heels.

4. Matching with clothes print color: The color of the bag can be a color in the clothes print, for example: olive green, beige, brown printed dress + brown bag + brown high heels.