What kind of bib is good for each stage of your baby?

- Mar 25, 2018-

A, 0-2 month with gauze bib

At this stage, the baby is very likely to return to milk, and sometimes often spit up his neck. If there is no bib, the baby is very prone to eczema. Therefore, at this stage, it is recommended that everyone use gauze material bibs, breathability is very good, high permeability is not prone to eczema.

Second, 2-4 month with cotton bib

Ventilation at this stage is also the most important factor for selection. As long as the baby will return milk, it is also good to use a cotton bib. The style of the cotton bib is various, especially the creative bibs, which can well attract the baby's attraction. force.

Three, April-June with waterproof bib

This stage of the baby, not only just drink milk, but also eat a liquid food such as apple mud, and when eating, the baby's active, especially easy to dirty clothes, these juices are also very easy to clean, so the best It's still a waterproof bib.