What are the sizes of non-woven bags?

- Mar 25, 2018-

1, more commonly used is the size of A3 paper non-woven bags, size: 32cm (width) * 43cm (high) * 10cm (bottom width and side width), which is the most common type of equipment installed data .

2, the size of the non-woven bags used in supermarkets is relatively large, the size of 48 (width) * 35 (high) * 10 (bottom width and side width).

3, non-woven bags advertised by various industries, the size is generally: 30 (wide) * 40 (high) * 8 (bottom width and side width) and 28 (width) * 38 (high) * 7 (bottom width and Side width), which are two more commonly used.

These are the sizes of commonly used non-woven bags and I hope everyone can help.