Some small knowledge of the Canvas Backpack

- May 12, 2018-

With the trend of environmental protection getting more and more popular, low carbon life has become a fashion. Canvas knapsack made of environmentally-friendly materials has become a favorite of the Chaozhou people.

A fashionable, vibrant canvas bag with youthful vigor needs careful selection. The men's canvas knapsack with a suitable dress is very attractive to the passer-by, and will not be vulgar in the suit of suit, but it shows a kind of leisure sunshine. Today we will teach you how to choose rucksack.

When choosing the Canvas Backpack, we have to see not only the style, the quality is also the key, the better the quality of the canvas bag, and the quality of your identity, the smooth and uniform of the stitches. Do not have a loose line and short line, the line should be parallel to the edge of the edge, the decorative rivet, such as the metal is symmetrical, strong, whether the lock is smooth, this is to consider.