Shoulder bag how to choose

- Mar 25, 2018-

Look at the structural design: whether the utility model is practical, durable and comfortable is closely related to its structural design. In general, the design requirements are simple, and the best strap is thick and wide.

Look at the material: different materials of the Messenger bag, the service life is not the same, so when the selection, depending on the material, in general, nylon, polyester, leather, leather material Messenger bag are more people to buy, it is recommended to buy according to their own needs.

Look at the workmanship: The workmanship of the bag affects its service life. Therefore, in order to buy a durable bag, it depends on the sewing process of the bag and the firmness of the sewing.

Look at the size: The size of the messenger bags of different brands is different, and the effect of matching clothes is not the same. When choosing, you can choose according to your body shape and the usual dressing habits.