Professional handbag knowledge

- Feb 27, 2019-


Analysis of the overall structure of handbags: 

handbags mostly have such a structural commonality: before, after, big;Left frame, right frame and large circumference;

Front frame, back frame and base material are the three basic components.Some handbags, the front by a few pieces of a variety of shapes and forms, colorful raw materials combined, before the front of the plane or three-dimensional front bag.

The back frame is also put in the back pocket;

Big surround divide a bottom to surround and zip to surround again, big surround two side mount symmetrical two side bag, according to the use of consumer, on the component beyond 3 big basic component above add or decrease, make the integral modelling change of vanity 10 thousand end, complex and various.

But no matter how complex the bag, it only adds to the amount of work involved, not the technical difficulty.

The change on vanity modelling, go beyond the commonness on vanity structure hard.