How to choose the leather bag with good quality?

- Mar 06, 2019-

Preferred, bag of body capacity.

In fact, it is the size of the bag, brand leather bag body capacity substantial, compact version, the bag can hold A4 size files.

When actual choose and buy should use need to consider the capacity of the bag according to individual daily, the principle is rather big than small.

Secondly, structural design.

The structure design of the brand leather bag is reasonable, the structure inside the bag is clear and the function is clear. Then bag of brand of choose and buy avoid by all means pays attention to a function too complex, concise and practical it is best choice.

Third, the bag belt design.

The strap design of the brand leather bag is comfortable, while the strap of the bag should be wider, thicker and more breathable.

The straps of backpacks are usually made up of straps, belts and back pads and can be adjusted at will.

Fourth, fabrics and materials.

Brand leather bag fabrics are usually selected top layer of cowhide material, this material of leather bag feel soft, shiny transparent, give a person with the feeling of noble elegance;

At the same time the brand leather bag fabric has a good wear - resistant, tear - resistant, waterproof and other characteristics.

Fifth, do manual work.

Observe the quality of the stitching process between the bag belt and the bag body, between the inside and outside materials, and between the cover and the bag body.

Whether the stitching is firm, whether the stitching is too large or too loose.

Sixth, accessories.

Mainly refers to the zipper, the lock, the hardware and so on.

When the purchase to observe whether the material is easy to oxidize or fade, zipper around the line is tight, zipper or accessories and bag body of the joint is natural.