How do we go on the right Backpack

- May 21, 2018-

Some people weigh 10 kilograms of backpacks on their backpacks and walk for a whole day. They will feel a little uncomfortable in the waist and prone to strain in the lumbar muscles. The mountaineering bag is low back, presumably due to improper posture of backpack when carrying a heavy load. When you go out for hiking, the backpack is backed up to the chest and back, which is less effort than back to the waist and back. If the backpack is too long and the waist and buttocks are more stressed, it may cause physical discomfort.


Some people love the anticlinal satchel, some people like to carry their shoulder bags, and some people carry their shoulders on their chest for safety reasons. It is suggested that people should choose packages according to their travel characteristics. For young people, mountaineering is the best choice for a double shoulder bag, and a city tour has a variety of choices; and for older people who have lumbar vertebra problems, they can choose to carry and drag a traveling bag to reduce weight loss.