Cleaning method of double shoulder bag

- May 12, 2018-

Now the shoulder bag has become more and more popular, and has entered into everyone's life. For everyone, because of the use of not very frequent, so usually do not care about the cleaning and maintenance of the problem, so in the long time it has made their backpack a relatively large depreciation problem. Here today is for you to carry out a single shoulder bag cleaning and maintenance.

In fact, the double shoulder bag in the current life has a better effect, whether it is boys or girls, when going out shopping will use such a backpack, one is to look good, the other is more practical. So how do you maintain it when you don't use it?

First of all, the best time to use in his own time is not to randomly throw away, need to have a special place to store, also will not be scratched by foreign objects or damage.

If you say your shoulder bag is a certain leather product, it is best to keep it in a cool place when you don't use it, so it will not be directly exposed to the sun, thus avoiding the damage of the leather.

Generally speaking, if everyone is in use to find their own leather bags have no gloss, this time can be used to apply a certain lip balm to apply, and then wipe with a paper towel, which will bring a better effect.

In the cleaning way, the backpacker factory's grace technology recommends that lipstick is a simpler way, and you can also use a certain egg white liquid to clean the leather. So for everyone, the cleaning is relatively simple, and will not bring you any more complicated problems.